Solutions for Better Care

Innovative tools to make telehealth a comprehensive solution.


Virtual Visits

HealthClix offers a comprehensive virtual care solution capable of serving organizations and people anywhere. We connect general medical, mental health, and complex care to deliver convenience, outcomes, and value.

Patients can avoid the inconvenience and high costs of going to the emergency room or urgent care center. Visits are convenient, private and secure.

Remote Patient Monitoring

We integrate with several different connected medical device types. Real time data received from these devices allows doctors know when you are doing well, and when you’re not. Immediate action can be taken with real time access to health information. Care managers or health coaches can remotely engage patients on an ongoing basis, ensuring compliance and helping patients get actively involved in managing their own health, as well as identifying health issues before they become problematic. These devices must be prescribed by our provider who must be contracted with HealthClix. The types of devices available for your doctor to prescribe are:

  • Blood pressure cuffs
  • Thermometers
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Weight scales
  • Glucometers
  • Spirometers (coming soon)
  • ECK units (coming soon)


Remote Patient Monitoring is a new Medicare covered service that allows our Practice to stay connected to you between visits. We believe this service would be beneficial to you, however you have the option to participate or not

We provide you with device like a blood pressure cuff or glucometer that is connected to a software platform. When you use the device, your readings are automatically uploaded into the software platform and analyzed to determine if your vitals are normal or not. You are assigned a health coach who receives alerts if your readings are outside of the normal range. Depending on factors, your care coach may be in touch with you to determine if contact by our office is needed or not.

Since this is a covered service by Medicare there is no cost to you for the device, monitoring service and health coach monitoring and connection. Since it is considered a “part B” service, there may be a coinsurance that you would be responsible for. That coinsurance may range from $8 to $20 per month.

We believe having the ability to stay connected to youbetween visits, have early risk detection that we can proactively address and receiving real-time data from you that can assist us better care for you provides tremendous value compared to the costs.

HealthClix provides the devices. We identify the appropriate device (s), HealthClixRPM team pre-programs the device with your information and sends the device to you. Because the device is pre-programed all you will need to do is put the batteries in your device.

Your assigned health coach will be in touch with you when you receive your device and help you to make sure the device is working and connected to the monitoring software, assist you with how to use the device, explain how the program will work and how they will stay in touch with you

With your health condition (s) we believe having the ongoing connection and access to your own health coach can provide early detection of potential health risks. In addition, your health coach will maintain contact, help you set health goals and provide education and support to reach your health goals.

Your caregivers can receive your readings and receive alerts if your readings are outside of the normal range.

Prior to Remote Patient Monitoring, we got your vital readings when you came into the office for a visit. Now we receive this data in real-time when you use the devices. The monitoring software provides trending graphs of your readings to help us better care for you.

Your Health coach will discuss this with you when they contact you when you receive your devices.

The key responsibilities is to take your readings regularly, be accessible to your health coach as they work to stay connected to youand taking care of coinsurance balances.

Keep in mind Medicare has developed this program to enhance the quality of your care. They reimburse for this service but require that you have a minimum number of readings per month and connect with your care coach for at least 20 minutes per month.

Yes, at any time you do not want to participate you can opt out of Remote Patient Monitoring. Just contact your health coach and let them know you do not want to continue participation.

We ask that you keep the box your device (s) are delivered in and return the devices. A prepaid label will be supplied by your health coach

24/7 Patient Access Portal

HealthClix provides an online patient portal so that you can log in at any time to view your device readings as well as communicate with your care provider. HealthClix’s Patient Portal allows your members to make edits to their information.

Group Consultations

HealthClix telemedicine platform provides 24/7 access to a doctor or specialist and our video platform allows patients to receive collaborative, team-based care with the click of a button. Request a virtual visit and within minutes you will have access to a certified physician who can included whoever you’d like in the virtual exam room, regardless of where those people are located. This can include other doctors, family members, loved ones, etc.

Telehealth During COVID-19

COVID Screening and Care:
Are you or a loved one experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to others who’ve tested positive for the virus? Speak to a doctor who can help assess your condition and refer you for further testing or care if needed.

Non-COVID Related Care:
Your health needs don’t stop because of COVID-19 and neither does HealthClix. Our doctors can provide low-risk urgent care to you and your family. Telehealth keeps doctors and patients connected even while social distancing during COVID-19.

COVID has also carried with it a significant mental toll. Many people are experiencing heightened anxiety and depression. You don’t have to choose between medical care and social distancing. Speak with a certified psychologist/psychiatrist from the safety of your home.